miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Final Project



My Family trends

my parents were married a August 8, 1966, live in victory, maracay my father works in a typeface and my mother is retired, they have three children, two females and one male

chary my sister lives with her children in maracaibo

I live in maracaibo with my husband and my children, I am a student of city and a preschool teacher

life student's

Difference between Universities Rafael Urdaneta and University Rafael Belloso Chacin in the enrollment process

There are several differences between the two universities in the enrollment process and that URBE to many studies to facilitate this process for students.

the new technique Online Enrollment have the possibility to register our materials.

they are at the forefront with technology

In the University Rafael Urdanta is no easy to place


the materials, becouse is a university not technology, have to queue

my efforts

I did not realize many things because I work until noon

at one am going to pay for electricity, water, or CANTV and buy the necessary things in the house

Birds I have class and I have to go to university

I have to carry the car to the mechanic I take it always for test

long lunch with my husband because it is a tradition
this is what we do every day

this is what I do from Monday to Friday
weekends only rest

Describing my neighborhood

I live in a nice neighborhood in the urbanization victory, my house is big and comfortable

my house is well located near a clinic I have

is a very pleasant and also trancito
I have close about my work and at my school
my house is very confortable, I have very good neighbors

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Mistery in Venezuela

A hundred wounds remain open in the Comunitat Valenciana. Are crimes committed in the past 30 years remain unresolved, not punishment, some of them, even without suspects on which to focus research. The killings and murders are awaiting clarification as thorns for police and civil guards who are striving to get new runways. The officials reviewed the evidence and details of the case, remove dark issues, delve into the circle of friends of the victim, questioning witnesses and relatives, but often the effort of the hounds of the police were not rewarded.
The mistery of homisidio of children in Valencia,The incident occurred on the third weekend of January 1989, but the bodies were found days later in three different locations. The terrible incident shocked residents of the quiet village of Macastre. Francisco Valeriano Flores Sanchez, 14 years old, his girlfriend Sayete Moedra Rosario, 15, and Pilar Ruiz Barriga, also 15, came out on January 14th, 1989 hike. And never again seen alive again.Twenty years after the strange deaths of three children in Macastre and Turis, the macabre case is still unsolved. Two of the bodies of the children showed no signs of violence, while the third body was dismembered with a chainsaw. This is one of the questions that investigators were never able to clear the Civil Guard.
Another mystery is that of Danilo Anderson
CARACAS -- The case of a state prosecutor who was killed by a car bomb four years ago as he headed an investigation of people suspected of being behind the crisis which briefly ousted President Hugo Chávez in April 2002 continues to haunt the government.
Danilo Anderson was killed when C-4 plastic explosives placed on the frame under the driver's seat of his Toyota SUV was detonated, apparently by remote control, on the evening of November 18, 2004. At the time, he was head of an investigation of about 400 people supposedly linked to plotting the political crisis which briefly ousted Chávez two years before.
Because of that, the case quickly acquired a political dimension. At first, Anderson was hailed as a national hero who'd died in the line of duty defending the democratically elected president.